Laura Jean: Blog en-us (C) Laura Jean (Laura Jean) Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:08:00 GMT Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:08:00 GMT Laura Jean: Blog 120 86 Visit to Fort Bragg, Ca-Mendocino Coast The temperature in Redding on Labor Day weekend was predicted to rise well over 110 degrees so we thought it would be a good excuse to visit Trevor's parents in their new home town along the coast.  They moved to Fort Bragg, Ca just two and a half weeks before and were just thrilled to be in cooler temperatures.   Not only was Redding predicted to have record high temperatures but the wildfires in the area kept the air thick with smoke so the ocean air sounded heavenly. 

We drove for 4 and a half hours; traveled through Williams, Clear Lake and Willits. Hwy 20 is one of the windiest roads I've ever driven.   The plan for the day was to take it easy, maybe check out some of the local shops and we were able to catch part of the ugly dog contest that was happening as part of the Paul Bunyan festival. The weather was unusually hot there too (High 80s-90s) and the parking was terrible because of the festival.  We explored a little - after all Mom and Dad had to show us all the cool local spots.  Mom insisted we had to have a cookie from The Mendocino Cookie Company's coffee shop and cookies, bakery,  located in the historic Union Lumber Company Store in the center of Fort Bragg.  

We rested for a bit and ate some dinner and then afterwards we decided we'd check out Glass beach since we'd had that on our list of "must see" attractions.  The parking lot was overcrowded so we drove past it and parked along the nature trail and decided to walk towards MacKerricher State Park – Laguna Point to let the dogs get some exercise.   We did eventually see Glass Beach, on Sunday, but I was pleased that we skipped it the first night especially after the images I was able to capture 

I could see the sun was going down quickly and the fires near and far caused the sun to be somewhat of a hazy, deep orange- almost red color. I captured a couple of images along the path with the reflection of the sun on the water.  

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Solar Ring SunsetSolar Ring SunsetFrom a recent vist to Fort Bragg, Ca.
Summer Sunset - wildfires are burning from Southern, Ca to Oregon

it was this view that welcomed me to the Pacific Ocean....

  Sunset Glow in Fort Bragg, CaSunset Glow in Fort Bragg, Ca

i could see the distant water of the ocean but no waves just yet.

Glowing Sun through the WeedsGlowing Sun through the WeedsFort Bragg, Ca
Prints will NOT have Watermark

just on the other side of these weeds is a beautiful site!

Hazy Rays in Fort Bragg, CaHazy Rays in Fort Bragg, CaPrints will NOT contain Watermark

Once we got to where we could see the waves and rocks along the coast line I was in awe.  

I was absolutely impressed with the light show mother nature was giving us.  I pretty much planted myself and took picture after picture composing each carefully to try and capture as much of the beauty we were witnessing as I possibly could without using a tripod (I left it in the car).  

mother nature can sure put on a light show in Fort Bragg!

Hazy Rays in Fort Bragg, CaHazy Rays in Fort Bragg, CaPrints will NOT contain Watermark

what a sight to see!

I would love to photograph a stunning bride and  and groom from here... 

Light up the Clouds - Fort Bragg, CaLight up the Clouds - Fort Bragg, CaWatermarks DO NOT print on orders.

maybe a quaint wedding at the peak here... permitting of course...

Pastel Sky in Fort Bragg, CaPastel Sky in Fort Bragg, CaWatermarks DO NOT print on final Images

I was impressed with the changing colors of the sky reflecting off the ocean and the way that

 the  rays shined through the clouds...

Pastel Rays of Sun in Fort Bragg, CaPastel Rays of Sun in Fort Bragg, CaWatermarks DO NOT print on images when printed

and just when I thought the show was over...

the  sun glowing red as it could be... peaked out from the clouds

I wish I would've recorded as a time lapse.


We were literally surrounded by beauty.

I hope you enjoy what I captured and if you ever have the chance to visit the Mendocino Coast line I highly recommend staying for a sunset or two.

I also recommend stopping in at the Headlands coffee House afterward; have a beer or a coffee and listen to some live music.

I encourage you stop to view some pretty amazing photographs of the area at the THE MENDOCINO COAST PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY you're likely to meet at least one of the artists.  Their work is impressive and inspirational to me.  They've captured hundreds of these beautiful sunsets and everything is tastefully displayed and available for purchase.  The cookies from The Mendocino Cookie Company ARE pretty amazing!

I am looking forward to our next visit (but not the drive). 

See full Gallary here!  Click to Order...

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Vanessa, U-Prep Class Of 2018 Vanessa is a stunning young lady and so humble and pleasant to be around.

We had a great time and I learned that she has a desire to become a veterinarian and specialize in large animals.

She's truly beautiful inside and out.

Here are some of my favorite images from her session:

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Reade Family Photos The weather has been so HOT in Redding lately so scheduling outdoor photo sessions are tricky. Finding shade is a must and scheduling when the sun is not high in the sky is a given.  Couple those requirements with finding a good time of day for a little 2 month old baby...I'm very pleased with the way this session worked out.   I was so glad Trevor was with me to help with lighting and to keep the conversations lively.  We even managed to capture the dog which makes my heart happy.

Welcome baby Sara Jean Reade!

Here are a few of my favorite images captured from this session:


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Alexandria & Stan - Wedding in the Park The air was hazy and smelled of smoke from local wildfires...  I think it was the smokiest day of the year so far.

The weather was hot and humid but the smoke shaded the sun just enough.

Here are a few people and places that helped make the day a success:

2nd Photographer: Trevor Sowder

Wedding Venue: Lake Redding Gazebo

Dress: David's Bridal - Chico, Ca  

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:


A few fun memories captured of the bride is getting ready...

20170819-IMG_9250-220170819-IMG_9250-2 20170819-IMG_925120170819-IMG_9251 20170819-IMG_925720170819-IMG_9257 20170819-IMG_926020170819-IMG_9260 20170819-IMG_928020170819-IMG_9280 20170819-IMG_927220170819-IMG_9272 20170819-IMG_926720170819-IMG_9267

Y 20170819-IMG_926520170819-IMG_9265

*********The Venue & Decor***********

CM2A5892CM2A5892 CM2A5879CM2A5879 CM2A5891CM2A5891

I thought this was so beautiful...

The picture you see in the background below is Alexandria's Grandmother who, unfortunately has passed....

but her presence was important.


The cake:

20170819-IMG_998820170819-IMG_9988 20170819-IMG_989020170819-IMG_9890 20170819-IMG_998220170819-IMG_9982

The Rings...


********The Ceremony***********

Stan is waiting to see his beautiful bride....

CM2A5941CM2A5941Here she comes...

Trevor always does such a great job capturing that first look...

CM2A5945CM2A5945That first Glance CM2A5949CM2A5949Pure satisfaction



20170819-IMG_950720170819-IMG_9507 20170819-IMG_948820170819-IMG_9488 20170819-IMG_950520170819-IMG_9505 20170819-IMG_951320170819-IMG_9513

That first kiss....

20170819-IMG_953020170819-IMG_9530 20170819-IMG_9541-220170819-IMG_9541-2

**The Bridal Party, Family And Friends**

20170819-IMG_969920170819-IMG_9699 20170819-IMG_959820170819-IMG_9598 20170819-IMG_967220170819-IMG_9672 20170819-IMG_967920170819-IMG_9679 20170819-IMG_957820170819-IMG_9578 20170819-IMG_960120170819-IMG_9601 20170819-IMG_960920170819-IMG_9609 20170819-IMG_959220170819-IMG_9592 20170819-IMG_014620170819-IMG_0146 20170819-IMG_0123-220170819-IMG_0123-2 20170819-IMG_013220170819-IMG_0132 20170819-IMG_013820170819-IMG_0138 20170819-IMG_0167-320170819-IMG_0167-3 20170819-IMG_0172-220170819-IMG_0172-2 20170819-IMG_027120170819-IMG_0271

********Mr. And Mrs. Jewitt*****


That second kiss...


20170819-IMG_9767-420170819-IMG_9767-4 20170819-IMG_0250-320170819-IMG_0250-3 20170819-IMG_9828-320170819-IMG_9828-3

20170819-IMG_965920170819-IMG_9659 20170819-IMG_976320170819-IMG_9763 20170819-IMG_980320170819-IMG_9803 20170819-IMG_9851-320170819-IMG_9851-3 20170819-IMG_985120170819-IMG_9851 20170819-IMG_9760-Edit.web20170819-IMG_9760-Edit.web



*************The Cake Cutting***************

20170819-IMG_993420170819-IMG_9934 20170819-IMG_995120170819-IMG_9951 20170819-IMG_994920170819-IMG_9949 20170819-IMG_996920170819-IMG_9969 20170819-IMG_996620170819-IMG_9966 20170819-IMG_997220170819-IMG_9972 20170819-IMG_996220170819-IMG_9962

**********The Bouquet toss**************

20170819-IMG_008020170819-IMG_0080 20170819-IMG_008520170819-IMG_0085

*************The Garter Toss***************

20170819-IMG_009520170819-IMG_0095 20170819-IMG_010220170819-IMG_0102 20170819-IMG_010620170819-IMG_0106 20170819-IMG_011020170819-IMG_0110


******The smokey Skies and the Sunset Kiss*******



Thanks for looking.....

What a wonderful day it was capturing the love of Alexandria and Stan Jewitt!

For Bookings Click Here!

For a view of their entire gallery click here Jewettwedding

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Henry is One! A year ago I photographed Henry and his family when he was only a few days old.

Now he is turning 1 so we celebrated with Cake.

So much cuteness from this happy baby... Mommy and Daddy did good!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the session.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom (pun intended)!



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Leah & Jessie-Ranch wedding Memorial Day weekend I headed to the Bride's family ranch where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the big day.  I had a great time with the girls before we headed near Millville to the Triple J Ranch where family and friends were waiting.  

The weather was perfect and the venue was setup with so many special touches.  

Here are a few people who helped make the day a huge success:

2nd Photographer: Trevor Sowder

Wedding Venue: Triple J Ranch

DJ: Awesome Austins DJ Service

Flowers: Anita Bibby

Hair: Vickie Short

Dress: David's Bridal - Chico, Ca

Coordinator:  Leah's lovely Mother Judy Hoffman

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:


all laced up

A few fun pics before the ceremony

She arrives











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Four Generations of Love Four Generations of Love in this blended family.

Celebrating Grandpa turning 90.

Here are some of my favorites:


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30 images from the Clear Creek Vista Trail near Redding, Ca I'm always looking for new locations to photograph families and seniors near Redding.  

If I can capture some memorable moments for you  Click Here

Originally we set out to hike Brandy Creek Falls in Whiskeytown but the roads were damaged in the recent rain storms.  We stopped in at the Visitors Center to see what trails hadn't been washed.  We didn't have all day - we just wanted something that might lead to some awesome views and allow for a little bit of exercise. 

I'd been to the before and hiked to the El Dorado Mine stamp mill, but never past there.  

The Trailhead starts near the Tower House Historic District parking lot where you'll have to cross the footbridge and continue past the Historic Camden House along the water ditch trail.  

This is a link to the National Park Service Trail Guide for precise directions.

You'll see the resident barn.

Clear Creek TrailClear Creek TrailClear Creek Trail with Cambden barn

This is a wonderful place to take senior portraits, family photos and engagement photos.  If you are interested in booking a session at this location Click Here

Clear Creek TrailClear Creek TrailClear Creek Trail with Cambden barn

Clear Creak Trail HikeClear Creak Trail HikeA little closer look at the Cambden Bar with the snowy Mountain behind

 Whiskeytown Trails are dog friendly. 

Dog Friendly Trail HikeDog Friendly Trail HikeClear Creek Trail allows dogs

Follow the dirt road past the Eldorado Mine:

I was able to find a little bit of history on the mine - Here  

El Dorado MineEl Dorado MineEl Dorado Mine, whiskeytown recreation Area  

El Dorado MineEl Dorado MineEl Dorado Mine along the Clear Creek Vista Trail


You'll likely see some local wildlife like this bird here...  I wish I could remember more of the names of the different types of birds.

You'll have a nice peaceful sound of the creek or water ditch along the way to the trail head.


Clear Creek FlowingClear Creek FlowingFlowing Creek along the Clear Creek Vista Trail Clear Creek Trail Pink FlowerClear Creek Trail Pink FlowerPink Flower, Clear Creek, Trail Hike  

Clear Creek Vista Trail SignClear Creek Vista Trail SignClear Creek Vista Trail Sign

You'll follow the sign where the trail gets more narrow.

Clear Creek TrailClear Creek TrailNarrow, Clear Creek Trail Hike

Check out the size of this banana slug!

Clear Creek Trail - Banana SlugClear Creek Trail - Banana SlugBanana Slug on the Clear Creek Trail

It is as big as my Phone!

Depending on the season you'll get to see lots of wildflowers along the way!  Follow this link to see  more Wild Flower Images 

WIldflowerWIldflowerWildflower, hike Clear Creek Trail Foliage Clear Creek TrailFoliage Clear Creek TrailWild Plants Clear Creek Trail


And check out these trees!

How cool is that growth there on the tree... some kind of critter must live in there!

Odd Tree GrowthOdd Tree GrowthClear Creek Trail Hike

This perch (scary thought) would be a great place for a Mountain Lion to sneak attack!

Clear Creek Trail Perch in TreeClear Creek Trail Perch in TreeClear Creek Trail Clear Creek Trail SunburstClear Creek Trail SunburstSunburst through the trees


You'll pass over some historic ore cart tracks used many many years ago.


And then you'll be rewarded with some pretty amazing views:


View of Clear Creek From AboveView of Clear Creek From AboveThe view of Clear Creek from High above

The trail flattens out pretty well after that and you can stroll along the trail enjoying the view or we also saw a couple people running the trail and Mountain Bikers as well.

The trail is open year round and used for Hiking and Biking.  Here is some trail Highlights if you're interested. 

Check out the map and options here:  Exploring in Whiskeytown.

Whiskeytown National Recreation area is full of beautiful trails and waterfalls.  I look forward to sharing more...

Don't forget to check out some of my other Landscape photos from other outdoor adventures.





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Sunday Sunrise I was alone when I captured these images but I feel compelled and grateful to share with anyone that might enjoy seeing what I saw one Sunday Morning.

I woke up at 5 am, threw my hair in a bun, brushed my teeth and then jumped in my car  heading home to Redding after visiting some friends in Santa Rosa (typically a 3.5 hour long boring drive).

It was pretty dark when I got on the road but I crossed my fingers and toes that I would be at the right place at the right time when the sun came up to capture a nice image.  As I drove along I-5 I kept watching the glow in the horizon become brighter and brighter.  Nothing was of interest along side the road so I figured it just wasn't my lucky day... but then I came across some rice fields and the sun was glowing behind the trees causing them to silhouette.  I pulled over immediately when I saw this: 

Sunday Sunrise ISunday Sunrise I


I knew it would only get better:

Sunday Sunrise IISunday Sunrise II


And it did...

Sunday Sunrise IVSunday Sunrise IV

The sky was really starting to brighten an all the colors were totally illuminating... Blues and purples and orange...

And it fully lit up as an egret flew over the water:

Sunday Sunrise IIISunday Sunrise III

And then I could see the sun perfectly in my lens but lost the brightness if I zoomed in too far...

Sunday Sunrise VSunday Sunrise V

Sunday Sunrise VISunday Sunrise VI

This is my final image:

Sunday Sunrise VIISunday Sunrise VII I feel like I was at the right place at the right time and felt totally blessed to be able to capture so many images within a small 10 minute window.

I hope you enjoyed them!














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Welcome to my Blog Page YES, I have a Blog page!  I've loved being behind a camera for as long as I can remember.  Until recently I've never shared my work with anyone other then Family and Friends.  With lots encouragement I now present to you where I can share my passion!  

A camera is like a save button for the minds eye - Roger Kingston


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